MiCrow: Labor Of Love

MiCrow was a flash fiction side project that I produced for a few years, edited by my dear friend Michael J. Solender who did an amazing job. It ran until 2013 and contained “ebook” pdf downloads of issues with HUNDREDS of stories. They are still online today, at www.fullofcrow.com/microw. 


At this point, they remain there as archives, intact. I am not sure if we should do something with them, like make them available on Amazon as free ebook downloads. Or kindle. Tossing around the idea when time permits. They are great stories and I really think they deserve more exposure.

About the image…

A little bit of trivia: I used to use photographs and sneak in the issue names, such as on the sign. This was taken in front of a tattoo shop that I visited in New Orleans, and got a tattoo. They were recovering from Katrina and I got one of their tributes, the symbol of New Orleans, showing the spirit of the city and a promise to never forget what happened. The water marks were still visible, the damage still there. Buildings still had spray painted messages on them from the rescue.